Code of Conduct


Here are a few rules governing any comments you make here, whether on posts, in The Corner, What’s Cooking, or in The Other Book Shop.

I encourage thoughtful remarks from any reader, but I do ask that you keep more or less on topic, i.e., comment on the subject matter of the post, or at least keep to a related topic that’s relevant to this thing we do.

You may know that I abhor vulgar language. Its use indicates a lack of imagination, and I find it tiresome. No bad language. You all know the words I’m talking about. If a word was forbidden on TV in 1960, it is forbidden here.

I insist on civil discourse, even in the midst of disagreements. Treat one another with respect at all times. That goes for Tops, Bottoms, Switches, and Not Assigned equally. And no name calling. I mean it.

If you would like to correspond privately with another visitor to the blite, and you have reason to believe he or she would be open to that, email me (my AOL address is devlin5131 and ask that I forward your address to the other person. Then he or she can decide if that’s a good idea. 

My irreplaceable assistants, however, have constructed three special areas.   The Other Book Shop has been set up as a place where you may recommend and discuss books that you have enjoyed.  What’s Cooking is a place to share favorite recipes. The Corner is for open discussion of anything you like.  The access portals to all of these  are located in a drop-down just below this page title in the banner head. Close this page, then click the drop down.

It is unlikely that I will stop in often – to The Corner, I mean. I will keep a close eye on and respond when appropriate to comments on my posts, and I will scan all comments from time to time. In any case, language will be monitored everywhere, both by my agents, and, I’m sure, by other participants, all of whom have my email address. That means I will know immediately of infractions. Offenders will receive a warning email from me. This will occur even if the word is asterisked by the automated censor. A second offense will result in suspension of blite privileges for a week. Repeated language abuse will result in a permanent ban of the offender.

Please enjoy the chatting in The Corner, but don’t forget to come and add your two cents’ worth to other post discussions, as well.

That is all.

Devlin out.