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  1. All righty, then! Here you are, boys and girls. Your very own playground. Play nice, behave like ladies and gentlemen, and be sure to wipe your shoes on the mat before you come in.

    Have fun! :parrot:

  2. Linda

    Hello Everyone. Yes, seasons of life is a wonderful way of looking at it Audrey. I hope you are making the most of the season. Know that you are not alone. I miss you all, and I’m trying to pop in as I can.

    To those I owe emails to, please forgiven my slowness, but I think of you all with a warm heart, and I will answer your emails.

    Hi Uncle Dev. :wave: Thinking of you, and missing you, but glad to see you are getting up to wonderful adventures with your girls, and with life.

    Mindy, :ridingcrop: :eyebrow: ! What a wonderful gift. :shock: :witch:

  3. Linda

    It’s funny how we think. My brother is helping his mother in law and her husband move today. He told me he saw a man in the neighborhood with a bat walking up to cars and peoples’ doors. Then he said it was weird and called the cops who came by and picked the guy up. The whole time I thought he meant the animal, and I was wondering how the man trained the bat to stay with him. It never a occurred to me he was talking about a bat until the second text came through that said wooden baseball bat. :yuckitup: :lol: Oops! I know what a knucklehead, right.

  4. Samantha

    Hi, everyone! Hi, Linda, I love the bat story!! :yuckitup: It sounds like you are doing well, I do hope so. :hug:

    Hi, Aud! I’m sorry I never saw that you answered me. I’m glad that you will be able to play sometime soon! :hug:

    I know that I have been absent again, my blite family. Like Linda said, I think of all of you all the time. I have some issues going on – one is that I am dealing with emerging memories again. I sure hope that I’m almost done with all of my old buried memories! Also , things are difficult at my apt. bldg. right now but I can’t talk about it until it is all said and done. I hope that will be soon. Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing well, and enjoying this holiday weekend. :hug: ‘s and :kiss: ‘s to all.

  5. Hahahahaha! That’s a great story, Linda. It’s all about context, isn’t it? :nod: :hug:

    Hi, Sam! :wave: Hope things get sorted out soon. We miss you when you’re gone. :hug:

  6. Audrey

    Hi, sweet, Sammie! :hug: Just remember who’s got your back when the memories come back. ^^Dev, this calls for Puff!!^^. Your sisters stand with you and love you always. And no blue meanie can stand in the face of our pet dragon! Remember: He’s not a tame dragon! :nonono: :loveyou:

    Linda, I thought the same exact thing when I first saw the word bat! :nod: The second interpretation sure makes a lot more sense, though. :wink:

    Love and hugs to all! :wave:

  7. Audrey

    And, Unca Dev, you go tell that big mean RL to leave our Sammie alone! :hysteric: Right now! :hysteric:

  8. Here you go, Sammie. :puff: The bad stuff doesn’t stand a chance against a righteous dragon. :nonono:

  9. Linda

    :wave: Hi Sammy! It’s been forever since we’ve talked. I’m sorry RL keeps dishing on you. I like what Audrey said in another post, “it’s just a season of life”. This season will pass, and we’ve always got you’re back. :helmet: :hug:

  10. Ash and Alder

    Linda, :hahaha: :rollonfloor:

    Sammie, :hug: :soothe: :rainbow_puff:


  11. Samantha

    I had to come back on blite and tell you, my dear friends, just how fast your comments, hugs, love, and especially Puff, has helped me! I came on earlier and I laughed while I cried, then I went to take a rest and actually slept without horror! I love you all so very much. I must remember to ask for your help and your love a LOT sooner. :hug: :loveyou:

  12. Excellent! So glad it helped. :hug: :grin: :hug:

  13. Jane

    We love you, Sammie! Feel all of our hugs and snuggles and concentrate on doing everything you can to take care of you. Take it slow and one day at a time. We love you. :kiss: :hug: :penguin:

  14. Audrey

    :hug: Oh, Sammie, I’m so glad. :loveyou: Every time I’m overwhelmed with stuff like that, my first instinct is to isolate. :peek: It’s never a good idea. :nonono: Remember that we are here for you, always. :chat: :hug:

  15. Samantha

    Hi, Janie. I am going to follow your advise, my little sister. I haven’t been taking care of myself, and I haven’t been taking it slow. There is a lot of stress in my apartment building lately – with an employee who thinks he/she is God and is very intimidating – which is especially hateful in an elderly and disabled apt. building. But I think that it is going to be settled soon, so now I can get back on track, with the help of my friends. :hug: :kiss:

    Hi, Aud. You are so right, and I do the same thing. I isolate, hide, and deny to myself and others that I am overwhelmed. I’m going to put a stickie note on the bathroom mirror to remind myself that I am NOT alone. :hug: :loveyou:

  16. Jane

    Hey, everyone. I have a story to share! My housemate and I were watching “The King and I” and were discussing the “toad bowing” that the wives, children and other people. We were talking about how uncomfortable that would be et cetera, et cetera and so forth :wink: , and I, forgetting where I was and in whose company, said “I may have submissive tendencies, but that would be awful”. :shock:

    My housemate spluttered and said “yeah”, then left the room… :worried:

  17. Audrey

    Go girl! :thumbsup: :clap: Let your freak flag fly! :rad:

  18. Jane

    What if she thinks I’m weird!? :timeout:

  19. Audrey

    She loves you! She would never think that. :timeout: She may not understand, but she will eventually. Plus, what you said was so very general and could mean lots of things. :nod:

  20. Jane

    That’s true. Plus, I am weird. :giggle: Her mother told me I am a fruitcake just this afternoon. :rollonfloor:

  21. Audrey

    It takes one to know one, don’t it, Uncle Dev? :giggle:

  22. Gary

    I admit it. I actually like fruitcake. :hehe:

  23. Candied fruit, dates, walnuts, pecans in moist cake. What’s not to love? :grin:

  24. Audrey

    Ummm, candied fruit. :sick: And I’m not too fond of dates, either. Unless they’re wrapped in bacon, of course. :innocent: :dance:

  25. :roll: I think there are figs in, too, Audrey. :wink: (In BACON? :pig: Really?)

  26. Ash and Alder

    Hehe! Janie! :hug: Sometimes we just let our real selves show, eh? :dance:
    This week I accidentally referred to someone at work called Layton, as Latex! :blush: I really did – I heard myself say it. :nod: Don’t think anyone noticed, though! :whistle:


  27. Susan

    Hi Mr Dev, Don’t forget the rum or brandy that is in the fruitcake.

    :wave: Audrey dates in bacon? I like oysters and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, and even sometimes jalapeno’s. The oysters and water chestnut are not in the bacon together. Neither are the jalapeno’s. And there is cream cheese in the pepper’s and Mr Gary has to try 1 before I will eat it.

  28. Ash, someone called Layton should be used to mispronunciations. :wink:

    Susan, my mother sent me a fruitcake my first Christmas stuck on the ship. It was so soaked in brandy that everyone in deck berthing got buzzed. :anchor: :grin: :cheers:

  29. Jane

    Hi, Ash. :hug: My poor housemate keeps being on the end of my slip ups. :worried: Today’s was noticing a big paddle on a signage board and commenting on it in a less than reverent tone. :vanish:

    Layton, Latex… it’s all the same, right? :hypnotised: And it’s all about the recovery. :whistle:

    Mmmmm, brandy! :loveyou:

  30. Something like, “That would leave marks,” Janie? :grin:

  31. Jane

    I said “why are they using a paddle to advertise that? That thing’s gonna hurt!”

  32. Sweetie, if your roomie is anywhere near as bright as you are, she sussed you a LONG time ago. :wink: :grin: :hug:

  33. Jane

    Nuh huh! I am a chameleon! :turtle: ‘cept when I forget. :whistle:

  34. Sure you are! She sees what’s going on, but is refusing to believe it until she finds a copy of one of my books on the coffee table. :nod: :grin:

  35. Samantha

    Hello Blite Family! :wave:

    Hi, PA! I am responding to your response to me on your birthday post. Things are going better at my apt. bldg. now. It can still improve and I think that it will soon. Apparently our reports to the group that runs these complexes have agreed that we were being treated unfairly because there have been a few changes in personnel and we hear that there may be more. I would like everyone to know that we were not being picky these were pretty serious infractions of what we need and deserve as elderly and disabled people.

    Anyway I hope that you and everyone here has had a wonderful summer! :hug: ‘s for everyone.

  36. Princess Anastasia

    Hi, Sammie, I’m so glad to hear changes are being made and hope that soon all the personnel problems will be straightened out. We miss you and need you to pop in far more often than you’ve been able to lately.
    It’s been a good summer in many ways, although I am faintly ticked that none of this intense heat and humidity has melted a single extra pound off my frame. Where is the justice, I ask you … :swear:

  37. Samantha

    Hi, PA! Are you still here? I miss you too, my friend. I know that I keep promising, but I will try to get back to my old self and back on-blite. I am so with you that the summer heat has done nothing for my frame! :yuckitup: Oh, new news, I am going for the final assessment before I get my power chair!! :rocket: I am getting so excited. It will make such a difference in my life. Also, my vision in my left eye and the cornea are doing so well . . I don’t have to go back to my eye dr. until next April!

  38. Princess Anastasia

    Wonderful news about your eye and about the power chair, as well. I’m so very happy for you and hope that there are many other blessings in store for you. And now you really must hop back onto the blite, or we’ll make sure Uncle Dev “encourages” :spank: you to honor your commitment to all your blite sisters, and I can assure you that he can be very encouraging, indeed. :weep: :rub_bum:

  39. Hi, Sammie! Thanks for all the good news. Keep it up. :thumbsup: Or else. :spank: :wink:

  40. Jane

    Sammie! Sammie, Sammie, Sammie! :hug: :hug: :hug: Hi! :kiss:

    It’s so lovely to see you here and I’m so so so happy about your eye news! Hooray, hooray! :party: :excited: And those mean apartment people better straighten up and fly right :evil: or else!

    :hug: :hug:

  41. Samantha

    PA, thank you for the support. :hug: ^^Boy, Dev picked up on your “encouraging” words quickly, didn’t he?^^

    Hi, Dev! :wave: Yes, Sir, I certainly will. :worried: :happy: :hug:

    Hi, Janie! :wave: :hug: :hug: :hug: :kiss: Yes, I am stll so excited about my eye. And the bldg. manager and Maint. Mgr. banked on the fact that we are all too poor and scared to report serious matters to the administrator, and we are still ready to even report to HUD if we have to. I’ll give you a couple of examples so that you know how serious this has been. First, we were waiting weeks to months for repairs to the apartments and the building. (Three people had to fall on the front sidewalk before anything was done). Second, One of the managers has had two DWI’s and is still employed here, and still drives onto the property parking lot across the sidewalks and areas where people motivate in their wheelchairs . . one time the cops caught him and he tested at 3x the limit. Serious, huh?

  42. Ash and Alder

    Greetings, Mr O’Neil, :wave:
    We hope the storm has passed you by and all is well.

    Ash and Alder

  43. Samantha

    Hi, All. :wave: Ash and Alder I have been thinking the same thing. I hope that Dev and any other blite members in the path of the storm are doing well. I have been thinking about this all day long. :hug: ‘s to all.

  44. Hi, Ash and Alder! :wave: Hi, Sammie! Sorry I’ve been out of touch. I spent all afternoon in the pool enjoying the gorgeous weather.

    No, I’m not kidding, but I do feel a bit bad. I used my dragon powers to send the storm over to Tallahassee, where Florida’s idiot governor’s mansion is located. (It’s also the capital of Florida, if you hadn’t guessed.) Of course, Rick had already declared a state of emergency, called barely a Cat 1 hurricane a “life-threatening storm,” and scampered to his beach house way down south in Naples hours before it even hit. I don’t feel bad for him, as such, apart from generally feeling bad that he is endorsing a soulless orange dipstick for president. I do feel bad that I send these storms other places than where I am, though, and I realize that’s awfully selfish.

    It’s probably selfish, too, to gloat over the fact that Rick made it only to petty officer 3rd class in the Navy, while I made it to 2nd in the Coast Guard. That I don’t feel bad about at all. :dance2: :usa: :anchor:

  45. Samantha

    Hi, Dev. :wave: I am so glad to hear that all is well with you! :hug: It’s too bad that no one in Tallahassee had your power.

  46. Sammie, if I’m ever unable to move a storm away from me, I’ll know there’s another :puff: deity trying to send it back to me. :wink:

  47. Ash and Alder

    Hello all! :wave: I just want to remind you all that today is…
    Talk Like A Pirate Day! :pirate:

    Aarrgh, mateys!

  48. Samantha

    Hi, all! I feel like I am always talking about my personal stuff. . so here I go again. I told you all about difficulties at my apt. blg. for elderly and disabled. Well, the update is that we, the residents, and our families managed to get things greatly improved by reporting and writing letters. Two top managers were replaced and the two managers here in the bldg. are being closely watched! Things are much better, and safer, now. Thanks for listening and caring. :hug: ‘s to all

  49. Samantha

    Oh, can you all stand one more story? I hope so. I have many friends in this bldg. and we all are making do without our families because they are still busy and working, etc. so we have formed a pretty tight knit group. This past week was very busy because we were taking care of one of our own. One of our little buddies is 91 years young and is mentally clear but physically very vulnerable. Her usual personal aide had to leave for a week on personal business. The very first day, the new aide dropped her on the bathroom floor, never called 911 or anyone, and tried to convince her to say that she fell on her own! Things continued to get worse and we all got involved. we called her children who came immediately and talked to the aide but then left her there with the aide. We called the head of Area Agency on Aging who came immediately, and daily to check up on her. We understand that she is in trouble with the company she works for, and her wonderful personal aide is back now. The family, and everyone else thanked us for reporting what we saw and “dropping in” to visit her and see how she was doing. I feel very proud of my group – we are a ragtag little band of warriors! :salute:

  50. Ang


    You should be proud of the work you and your group are doing. It takes a very caring and wonderful group to do these things. You go the extra mile to make sure each of you are taken care of. I know I will do everything I can to keep my mom home with me because of things like this. I wish that all places with the Aging had people like you. You and your group have really touched my heart. Keep it up!!! :thumbsup:

  51. Princess Anastasia

    Way to go, Sammie! Your friend is blessed to be surrounded by people who care about each other and are willing to do more than just shake their heads and wish things were different. I know when you moved there, it seemed as though you were making a change that was going to be better for you, and I think it has been in many ways, although, clearly, there are still issues that need to be addressed, but I can see that you are not simply blessed to be there, you are a vital part of blessing others. John Donne was so right. No man is an island. We’re all connected by ties we don’t even begin to fully comprehend, I think. I just hope my cords are firmly tied up with those of folks like you, sweetie. So proud of you and delighted to call you a friend.

  52. I’m not home and I’m not sure I’m on the right thread, but once I’m back on line there are going to be some sore and sorry little girls here, see if I don’t. :spank: :mad as a top:

  53. Not Audrey

    Nobody on this thread but us chickens, Mean Uncle Dev! :nonono: :chick: :chick: :chick:

  54. Samantha

    Thank you, Ang. That was very nice of you to say. I am proud of my little group, it is so nice to get to spend time – in real life – with people who care about others. :hug:

    PA, I feel the same way about you, my sister/friend! :hug:

  55. Ang


    You are welcome! :smile:

  56. Sammie, just getting around to checking in here. I am so very proud of your brave gang. Keep up the good work. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

  57. Samantha

    Hi, Dev. Thank you for saying that. I promise that we will keep up the good work. And I will pass around the hugs. That is something we don’t often get here. :hug: :loveyou:

  58. Susan

    :wave: Girls,
    I’d like to tell you all that my buns are itching today. I got a nice (good girl :whistle: ) spanking last night and then had good nights sleep.
    Mr. Gary is so sweet and lenient sometimes. (Most of the time.)
    I actually asked for more!

  59. Ang

    Hey, Susan!

    I am glad to see that things are going well for you and Mr. Gary. A good girl :spank: ing, huh? Nice!!

  60. Susan

    Hi Ang
    Don’t get me wrong, I have had lots of not ‘good girl’ :spank: ings. But having fun is GOOD. :hug:

  61. Samantha

    Susan, a good girl spanking! :gasp: Uncle Dev told me that good girl spankings are just a myth!?! ^^That sounds so wonderful!^^

  62. That’s Gary for you, Sammie – the man, the myth, the legend. :wink:

  63. Ang

    Sammie, one can only dream.

    Nevertheless, I guess one must have good behavior at times :headshake: to get one of those. :yuckitup:

    Of course, that shouldn’t be a problem for the two of us. :wink: :whistle:

  64. Ash and Alder

    Hi all, :wave: I heard the good girls were gathering so here I am! :curtsy:


  65. Ang

    Hey, Ash! :wave:

    Please, do join us. The three of us could be good together! :chat: :curtsy:

    I am sure we could have a lot of fun if we put our heads together :chat: and think on it.

    Girls? Anyone else?

  66. Susan

    :wave: Mr. Dev & Sammie
    Thank you – and isn’t he just that!

  67. Ash and Alder

    Hi Ang, :hug:
    Well, it’s already way past my bedtime, but who’s gonna know, eh? :wink:

    Susan! :hug: Mr Gary discovered good girl :spank: Well, whatever next? Uncle Dev, maybe? :headshake: Hehe!


  68. Ang

    Ash, I know, right? When no one knows… :wink: :whistle:

  69. Samantha

    Hi, Ang, I have to agree with you . . the down side is the “Good Behavior”! :yuckitup: But you are right, no problem for us! :giggle:

    Hi, Ash :wave: Yes, please do join us good girls! :nod: “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. ^^done?!^^

  70. Alder knows, Ash. :nod:

    As to GG :spank: ings, I still hold that they are mythical, in that by the simple fact of your being across my lap or bent over a handy piece of furniture you become the naughty girl you’ve always wanted to be. Ergo, I am spanking a naughty girl, regardless what kind of, usually accidental, good behavior you’ve been up to lately.

  71. Gary

    Howdy, All. :wave: The influence for such a spanking was that post with the laughing. After the trips, bugs and life in general, the moment sparked. No shutting down of computer, just a quick trip for serious attention to her buns. This spanking surely made her squirm, some rest and giggling, some more mad minutes that I’m sure she wished she was somewhere else, and then asking for more. It was a fine job at that fine line. And have I mentioned lately that I have a most wonderful target to work on? :happy:

    Oh, and the reason it’s called a good girl spanking, is because she is always a good girl afterward. :whistle:

  72. Ang

    Okay, Uncle Dev, you are right, of course.

    After all, hidden in every good girl is a naughty one. Nevertheless, accidental good behavior is never an issue for me because I am often a good girl. :angel: :curtsy:

    I am sure we all are. Right girls?

  73. Gary, I completely buy your definition! As a matter of fact, that will be our only definition for a GG spanking from now on. :thumbsup: :grin:

    Ang, you were a good girl to write those reviews, so I can’t argue with you there. :wink: :hug: :grin:

  74. Jane

    Ooooh, a gathering of the good girls! :curtsy: :excited: I think perhaps my invitation must have been lost somewhere in transit. :foottap:

    Susan, it all sounds simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing that little snippet with us. Some of us have to live vicariously most days, yanno! :smile: :hug:

    You have written such lovely reviews, Ang! :hug:

    Hey, Ash and Sammie! :hifive:

  75. Ang

    Hey, Jane :wave: ,of course you are invited! This is an open invitation for all of us “good” :curtsy: girls! Come on over!

    It is always easy to review when the material is fabulous! :thumbsup:

  76. Samantha

    Hi, Dev. Thank you for all of the :hug: ‘s for me to share with my ragtag little band of :salute: s. Hey . . you snuck a :spank: in there! :headshake: :yuckitup:

  77. Samantha

    Hi, Janie! Of course your Good Girl invitation got lost in the mail. :nod: :hug:

  78. That :spank: was just for you, Sammie. :wink:

  79. Samantha

    Well, that is good to hear, Dev. My friends might begin to look at me funny if I roll up and spank them! :yuckitup:

  80. Ang

    Yay!! It’s snowing! :party: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! :guitar: Goodness knows I don’t get to see much of that where I abide. :tantrum:

    I am thanking Mindy!? Thanks, Mindy! :thumbsup:

  81. Already? She must have rushed the season :xmastree: for you, Ang, cause I don’t have any on my screen as yet. No matter. Twill come. :xmaswreath: :kangaroo:

    And actually, I think it’s WordPress who send the snow. I know. Weird, right? :wink:

  82. Ang

    Well, I guessed it was her because she always works her wonderful magic. Oh, well! I’m enjoying it anyway! LOL!!

  83. Oh! Sammie, you think it would out of character for you to roll up and spank someone? Are you sure? :wink:

    Okay! I have snow now. It’s intermittent, but I had it a minute ago. Odd. :dunno:

  84. Samantha

    Hi, everyone! :wave: I’m rushing to see if I can get this comment submitted . . I am having “fun” with internet access lately! :swear: Anyway, sometimes I can come on blite and read the posts and comments, but I haven’t had much luck commenting and that is a terrible thing to do to a talker like me! :yuckitup:

  85. Princess Anastasia

    Bless your heart, Sammie. Make hay while the sun shines. :thumbsup:
    We miss you when you’re not here, you know. Hope you’re going to have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year with NO internet problems.

  86. Samantha

    Hi, PA! :hug: I’m sorry that you are feeling frazzled. I wish that we could :chat: more often. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and get all of the :gift: ‘s your heart desires.

  87. Princess Anastasia

    Well, one of the gifts my heart desires is to hear more from you, so I’m writing that in ALL CAPS on my Christmas wish list. Get ready, honey!!!

  88. Hi, Sammie! Glad you could break through. Keep clicking those keys, missy. :wink: :hug: :hug: :hug:

  89. Ang

    Hey, Sammie!

    Good to see you! I’m glad you were able to post!! :nod: :smile: :cool:

  90. Ash and Alder

    Hello Sammie! :hug: Hugs, kisses, and a mug of hot chocolate :coffee: for you.
    :xmastree: :smile: :cookies:


  91. Jane

    Hey, Sammie! We miss you! :pcpunch: It’s so lovely that you can still… just about reach out to us. Sending you big hugs and interwave fairies to sort it all out! Or a :dragon: !


  92. Samantha

    :wave: Hi everyone. Wow! I wonder if Dev is back home yet, and if he is in shock that no “creative play” took place in his absence! :yuckitup:

  93. Ang

    :giggle: Sammie, I guess we decided to take his warning to heart and behave this time. :nod:

    After all, we are all really :angel: ic by nature. :giggle: :whistle:

    Oh, and I guess there haven’t been any new girls willing to come forth lately to be taken for a :littlebus: ride. :wink: :giggle:

  94. Jane

    Sammie!!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: Merry Christmas. :smile: I’m so glad you managed to find a way to log in and see us. I hope you have had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, and I am praying that we see much, much more of you in the New Year. :cheers: We have missed you, girl!

  95. Samantha

    Hi, Ang! Oh, I hadn’t heard his warning this time! :yuckitup: Not that it’s ever stopped us before. And, of course, I agree that we are all :angel: ‘s.

    Hi, Janie! Marry Christmas to you too! I hope that you had a wonderful day. I did because I got to see my wee ones! For now, I am back online – hopefully that will last and I can stay and play! I have missed all of my sisters (and Dev and the men too) so much! :hug: ‘s to you too. And a :kiss:

  96. Ash and Alder

    Hi all, :wave: What’s brewing? :wink:


  97. Ang

    Come on now, sisters! Are we trying to spark some mischievousness in our :angel: ic natures?

    :secret: (I’m game.) :whistle: :giggle: :giggle: :chat:

  98. Ash and Alder

    Well, Ang, we do have a tradition of making Icing sugar angels :angel: in Dev’s kitchen every Christmas. :lights:
    I’m sure he’d be really disappointed if we didn’t. I mean, you know what a stickler for tradition he is. :geek:


  99. Ang

    I seem to remember something about icing somewhere… :dunno:

    All right, Ash, we cannot allow tradition to fall by the wayside. :nonono:

    Nevertheless, as in any tradition, we must make memories together. :wink: :chat: :chat: :chat:

    All for one and one for all and so forth…

  100. Ash and Alder

    That’s the spirit, Ang! :thumbsup:
    Hi Keri! Do you know where Uncle Dev keeps the icing sugar?


  101. AHEM! :notpleased: Guess who’s home. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Merry Boxing Day, everyone! :cool:

  102. Ash and Alder

    Hello, Uncle Dev. :shocked: I was just going to bed. :tobed: :yawn: :whistle:


  103. Ang

    Oh, hi, Uncle Dev. We didn’t see you there. Welcome back! Look, Ash, Uncle Dev is home. :nod:

  104. Ash and Alder

    Ang, you wouldn’t be trying to trick me into commenting after bedtime, would you?

    Ash :vanish:

  105. Ang


    Uh, no, Ash. You just happened to answer a few seconds before me.

    I never saw you, though. :wink: These comments never happened. :whistle: :whistle: :wink: :wink:

  106. Ripley

    This comment is for Princess Anastasia. I wanted to comment directly on your Matilda story but for some reason there was no comment box there. I thought the story was fantastic. It was so wonderfully detailed. I had to come back and read it again. Amy Lee is a great character. I love how she was thinking about fashion and style while dreading what was coming. Very nice. Thank you.

  107. Princess Anastasia

    What a lovely message to come across, and doubly so because you went to trouble to make sure I received it, one way or the other. I am so glad you liked Amy Lee and enjoyed the story. That means a great deal to me.
    You’ve certainly made my day!

  108. Ripley

    Aww, I’m glad I could make your day. I don’t comment often but once I decided to I guess I was just determined. :)

  109. Errinn

    Happy Birthday, Sammie! :party: :gift: :chocolate: :cake: :icecream:

    I’m not sure if I’ve used this greeting before but it is appropriate. Have a wonderful day.

  110. Happy birthday, Sammie! :thumbsup: :dance2: :cheers: :cake: :butterfly: and, of course, :spank: and :hug:

    Thanks, Errinn!

  111. Errinn

    Happy Birthday, Gary!

    Hopefully you enjoyed some of these today :party: :gift: :icecream: :chocolate: :chocolate: :chocolate:

    You can expect the Usual Suspects to help devour your cake.
    (10″ Dark chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream covered in pure white fondant. All decorations were hand-made and are edible. Serves 40)

    I’ve no doubt you have had a marvellous day.

    Is it you or Susan receiving the birthday :spank: ing this year?

    I meant to submit this greeting much earlier so the 29th would show as the date posted. Alas, I fell asleep sitting up. It is very considerate of you to live in a different time zone. :phew:

  112. Jane

    Mmmmm, did someone say cake?! :excited: Happy Birthday, Uncle Gary! Thanks for teaching me cool stuff about bikes and computers and cute animals!! :heart: :heart: You’re great. :kiss:

  113. Gary

    Errinn, that :cake: really makes my day! :thumbsup: I think I gained some weight just admiring it, and I’d sure eat it! The ingredients are what I’d have checked in the box too. Amazing. :confused as top: :hug: :hug:

    Thank you, Jane. I’m looking forward to doing more playing, and less working, with all the above. :wave:

    Dev, today was just a continuation of what started Saturday. :wink: And I want to know, if you got a piece of that cake? :anchor: :thumbsup:

  114. No cake yet, Gary, but the day is not over. Sounds like is celebration is far from over, either. :thumbsup: :anchor:

  115. Ash and Alder

    Happy birthday, Gary! :party:
    That’s a huge cake :cake: isn’t it? You’re going to be on a bit of a sugar rush, for sure! :excited: :excited: :excited:

    Ash and Alder :uk:

  116. Ang

    Happy birthday, Mr. Gary. :party: :thumbsup:

    I hope you had a wonderful day! :gift: :cake:

  117. Gary

    Thank you, Ash and Alder. I have :icecream: yet to do. :grin: :uk: :thumbsup:

  118. Gary

    Hi, Ang. :wave: It has been a wonderful week, and the week isn’t over. :smile:

  119. Princess Anastasia

    Gary, Sir. I’ve been a bit distracted so I’m late to the party, but I wanted you to know I was thinking of you and hoping the birthday fun just goes on and on.

  120. Errinn

    Happy Birthday, Linda! :dance2: :gift: :party: :icecream: :cake:

    Since Dev is away for a few days perhaps Gary will pause his celebrations for a few moments to address your birthday :spank: ing.

    It has been ages since our last contact. I hope all is well with you.

  121. Ellie

    Mr. Gary, I have been away from my computer for a few days and missed your celebration. :pout: Hope your birthday was lots and lots of fun. :hug:

  122. Gary

    PA, you could never be too late to any of my parties. :wink: Of course, being late might get one :spank: -ed if you were expected at a certain time, and in your case, I’d set the time accordingly. :whistle: Thank you much for the good wishes and extending my birthday week. :hug:

    Hi, Ellie. :wave: The birthday celebration is still going on, so come on over and be counted upon. :grin: :hug:

    Happy Birthday, Linda. :rose: :cake: :icecream: :gift: Errin’s suggestion appeals to me, but then you are hard to catch. :wink: :peek: :closet: :confused as top:

    So my birthday celebration week is now over for the year. It will take a few days to burn off the extra calories from the :cake: and :icecream: and the special dinners. I can now see the snow is finally melted in the yard, and I can safely enjoy spring-like fantasies. The weekend’s weather dictates that I need to once again become a creature of motivation. :worried: That gets harder each year. :nod: But when that happens… :puff:

  123. Ellie

    Linda, :hug: don’t know how I missed that comment. Happy Birthday!!! :cake: :icecream: :gift: Hope you had a lovely day.

    Mr. Gary, I’ve been thinking of you this week as lots of beautiful tulips have popped out of my garden. Wish I could just “come on over” and share them with you. :hug:

  124. Gary

    Ellie, I would love to enjoy your beautiful tulips. Susan did bring some home for the birthday, but that isn’t the same as using my senses in the garden. :sigh: I’m easily led to such a path. :cowbell: :wink:

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