“Spank Her! A Top’s View of This Thing We Do”




I am Devlin O’Neill and I love to spank girls, grownup girls, that is, and I also like to write stories and novels that often depict grownup girls getting spanked. This, however, is a non-fiction book about spanking girls, so I will tell you why I am an authority on the topic, and give you my credentials.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with spanking, and many of my most vivid early childhood memories have to do with it, both as administrator and administratee. My same-age girl cousin had a lot to do with my preschool appreciation of light spanking, in a let’s play house kind of setting. After that there was rather a lull in such activity until puberty arrived, when I began to see girls as more than mere almost-boys who threw a baseball funny.

Once I discovered that girls could be pleasant companions, the old urge resurfaced, and in addition to wanting to kiss and fondle them, I wanted to spank them. I never wanted to hit girls, however, and this is an important distinction. So from puberty onwards, say from 13 or 14 years of age, I was always drawn to a girl’s bottom, like a very dim moth to a very bright flame, and spanking her, followed by perhaps a long, fond fondling, and then possibly other sorts of activities in the same general area, seemed the most desirable goal possible in close feminine company.

The pursuit of this goal met with varying degrees of success over the next few decades, and finding girls who were not averse to a bit of bottom warming to go along with romance, regardless how meaningful the romance, was difficult at times. In fact I thought for a while that I could do without such activity, and for long periods I did. But then in 1997, I took what I had learned getting an otherwise fairly useless university degree in English literature and began to write fiction for publication. I must have been in class the day some professor or other said, ‘Write what you know,’ because everything I have published so far, and there is quite a lot of it, has in some way to do with spanking.

All my books are listed elsewhere in this volume, so we will take my writing credentials as read, though I also have the blite, the web log/web site, where I post this and that muttering and pontification pertaining to this thing we do, including a lot of prose similar to what you are about to read, assuming you want to go on. And then too I have appeared in a number (five) of videos that feature spanking, always as the male lead, the guy who does the spanking, along with a few closely related activities sometimes. Notice that I did not say star in these videos because the spankee is really the star. Not that I mind as long as I get screen credit and craft service.

However, since becoming a contributor to the literary and other kinds of media spanking world, and something of a public figure, I have discovered that there are many more girls, women, females out there who enjoy a little bottom warming, or a lot. Eve Howard and Tony Elka of Shadow Lane helped a great deal in my endeavor to find amenable girls, opening the subject not only to me but to countless thousands of others in the public with their groundbreaking publications, films, web site, and especially their parties, all spanking centric. They along with Bobby Tawse also made possible all of my best video roles.

But even before I met Eve and Tony for the first time, I had met girls online, those who read some of my early spanking stories on the Internet and wanted more. So I made them help me write them, write the stories they wanted to read, and in so doing I gathered a huge storehouse of information regarding how the female mind works, that is, the mind of a grownup girl who likes having her bottom spanked.

Some of the stories that I wrote with the girls I met online made it into published collections, some of the girls became characters in novels, and for over a decade now I have been closely in touch with many examples of this sort of girl, the sort of girl who does this thing we do because she enjoys it, because it is important to her, and very often because she cannot see her way clear to do anything except follow this path, if only she can find her way to it. And it is from this contact, this knowledge, this database that I take my bona fides, my curriculum vitae, my license to pontificate.

I hasten to add, however, that I recognize the vast differences in perception, preference, and procedure that exist within this thing we do. So you ought to accept some of what I say as immutable truth some of the time, much of what I say as quite probably correct much of the time, and none of what I say as in any way prescriptive nor proscriptive, exhaustive nor definitive, all of the time.

What I mean by that is, I know girls, and I know what they want, and how they feel, because girls tell me about it frequently, and have done so for years. But as far as guys and their feelings are concerned, I know mostly how I feel, and how I act and react regarding this kind of thing. I seldom or never discuss this kind of thing with guys, though occasionally I do listen. I know there are guys out there who feel, and act, and react in a similar manner to the way I do, and a lot of guys who think, and feel, and react a whole lot differently. This is not written for the guys who do things a whole lot differently than I do, and of course those guys do not need my permission to carry on as always, and even write their own books if they want.

But also there are a lot of guys out there who might like to know how I do this thing that they would very much like to do, and also to know why I decided to do this thing we do the way I do it. Okay, maybe there are guys like that and maybe not, but assuming there are, that is one reason several people over the years suggested I write this book as, amongst other things, a how-to guide for Topliness. Yes, I know that is not a real word but it is Loki Renard’s word, the famous author who designed the cover of this book, and I like it so I stole it. Anyway, regardless what Tops think of this volume, the girls I know will enjoy it. I am sure of this utterly and without question, because I know my girls.

I will write more about Tops and Topping and Topliness further on, but since I am talking about me, I will just add that I am a Top first, and foremost, and forever. That means I walk, speak, and act like a Top, I think Toppy thoughts, and anytime I see a woman in any circumstance, I always check her behavior and demeanor for signs that she might be in need of a spanking. And of course I act like a Top toward any and all girls who come across me on the Internet. I do that in real life as well, to a certain extent, but I am considerably more circumspect in person-to-person contact with civilians. This means that I rarely offer to spank casual acquaintances, although it does happen occasionally, but always in a very offhand, vanilla, joking sort of manner. Hopefully that is the way the offer is perceived, but Toppy as I am, I have to think I have caused a few flutters in civilian tummies with such threats, and if not in the threat’s target, then perhaps in an innocent bystander or two.

At any rate, my many and varied Internet interactions have been ever so helpful in my writing, and not to put too fine a point on it, in inventing the person who is Devlin O’Neill himself. I should mention at this point, though, that another big reason I wrote this volume is to enlighten and edify a certain type of girl, a hand-book to show her what she needs to understand about this thing we do, and also to help her realize that she is not alone in her desires, and that there is nothing at all wrong with the way she feels about spanking. I am doing that because a certain young lady put a bug in my ear regarding the matter, and for reasons of my own, I am quite interested in pleasing this young lady.

So that is who I am and what I do.  Since you have read this far you might as well keep going. Just be advised that it gets even more pontificacious from here onward, but hopefully not much more pedantic than it has been so far. And we will start with an explanation of a phrase I have used several times in this preamble as well as in the title, ‘this thing we do.’