“A Maid For All Seasons, Volume I”

Excerpt from A Maid for All Seasons, Volume 1, Chapter 1

Three weeks after she came to work for Mr. Swayne, Lisa dropped a plate of poached eggs and salmon on his sleeve. He whisked her over his knee, bared her bottom and slapped it hard. She squealed and apologized while he spanked, then sniffled away a long ten minutes in the kitchen corner. Her rear cheeks stung and the ones on her face glowed red, but she was grateful that he hadn’t told her father. He did not tell her father about the two other spankings he gave her in the weeks that followed, or what she’d done to deserve them, and neither did Lisa. Images of the tall, arrogant assistant bent over Mr. Swayne’s knee flashed through Lisa’s mind. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The bookend slipped from her grasp and fell straight onto her right foot.

“Shit!” The bookend thunked the tip of her left big toe with the shock of a car wreck. “Damn! Jesus Chri ….”

She gasped, sat on the floor and tugged off her black, sensible shoe. The eland’s brass horn just grazed her big toe as it punched a hole through the leather. Mr. Swayne and Ms. Trelawny crouched beside her. Lisa grimaced.

“Be still, Lisa,” Mr. Swayne said. “Let me have a look.” He took her foot in his hands. “Can you wriggle your toes?” She flexed them and winced. He picked up her shoe and examined it. “You were very lucky, young lady. It appears that the worst of the damage is in your footwear and not in your foot. How do you feel?”

“Much better, sir. Thank you. I’m sorry I made such a fuss.”

He helped her to stand. She limped for effect while Mr. Swayne held her arm.

“I’m OK now, sir. I’ll just get back to work,” she said.

She put her shoe on, then picked her cloth off the floor.

“Just a moment, Lisa,” he said. “What were you doing to cause this accident?”

“I was just dusting the bookend, sir,” she said, and blinked at him.

“That’s not what I mean. What were you doing that caused you to drop a bookend that you have dusted a dozen times, and nearly impale yourself? Were you distracted? Were you looking at something besides your work? Were you, for example, watching Ms. Trelawny instead of tending to the business for which I pay you?”

Lisa whimpered and gazed at the carpet. Mr. Swayne shook his head.

“What Ms. Trelawny was doing is no concern of yours, and I do not like my staff inquiring into matters that are none of their business. Well, Lisa?”

“I … I just wondered what was going on, sir. I didn’t mean any harm.”

“Yes, well, harm has been done, and I think a reminder to concentrate on your work is in order. Two dozen good slaps on your behind should be sufficient, I think.”

Lisa gasped and glanced at Ms. Trelawny. “Sir, I ….” She bit her lip and whimpered.

He scowled and shook his head. “Also, while I appreciate the pain you suffered, you know I insist on self-restraint and decorum from my employees at all times.”

“Sir?” She stepped back and leaned against the desk.

“Your outburst just now would be more appropriate to a shipyard than a business office.”

“Mr. Swayne, I ….” A tear dripped from her eye.

“You know that the use of crude and vulgar language is abhorrent to me. You heard me say so when you were a child and I visited your father’s house. It shows a lack of education and breeding.”

“I know, sir, but I just ….” Lisa stared at the carpet. “I’m sorry I said … those things.”

“As you should be. But we will deal with that later. After we have addressed the issue of your curiosity. Your ‘’satiable curiosity,’ as Kipling would have it.”

The butterflies in Lisa’s tummy went mad. Her father had read her the story of the elephant child who was constantly spanked for his ’satiable curiosity. She sympathized with the protagonist and always wondered if she could ever turn the tables on her spankers as the little elephant did in the Just So tale. Her toe tingled and wriggled as she clapped both hands to her belly. Ms. Trelawny’s fingers twitched as she gazed at Lisa.

“Please, sir,” Lisa whispered. “You’re not going to … punish me ….” She sniffed a deep breath. “With Ms. Trelawny here? Are you?”

“Ms. Trelawny has better things to do, I’m sure. But since you have interrupted her work, she may as well see the worst.”

“But she wasn’t doing anything,” Lisa whined.

He scowled. “I told you, young lady. That is no concern of yours. Now hand me your knickers. You won’t need them for a while.”

“No!” Lisa quivered and backed toward the door. “Please, sir. Not with her here. I know I deserve it, but can’t she leave or something?”

“Ms. Trelawny knows that I correct you on occasion, and you have wasted enough of our time already.”

Tears streamed down Lisa’s cheeks. “But, Mr. Swayne, I ….”

“Shall I call your father to attend to you?” he said.

“Nooo,” she wailed. “I’ll be good. Please don’t make me. Please?”

“Take down your knickers now, Lisa. I don’t think your father will be pleased if I tell him you defied me, and swore like a sailor into the bargain.”

“Oh, God,” she moaned.

Lisa whimpered as she hiked her black skirt and white petticoats to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her cotton panties. As she dragged them down her legs and stepped out of them she glanced at Ms. Trelawny. The woman winked and turned away.

“That’s better,” he said.

The butterflies in Lisa’s tummy danced a Charleston as she handed over her underpants. He tossed them onto the desk, then took her by the arm and led her to the sofa. Lisa’s chin quivered as he pulled her face down across his lap. His left hand clasped the right side of her rib cage while he positioned her so that her hips were centered above his thighs, her left buttock snug against his stomach.

“Would you care for coffee, Ms. Trelawny?” he said. “I believe it’s still hot.”

“Yes. Thank you,” she said.

She sprinkled sugar into a cup and filled it from the pot. The silver spoon made damp, musical clinks in the bone china as she swirled it. Mr. Swayne lifted the back of Lisa’s uniform. Goose bumps prickled her bare behind. Ms. Trelawny sipped her coffee and gazed at Lisa’s smooth, pink mounds. Mr. Swayne’s thighs shifted. His hand smacked bare flesh and Lisa jumped. She gasped and shut her eyes tight. Red dots whirled behind her eyelids. At the fifth hard slap, she yelped and turned to look at him. His calm, blue eyes were fixed on her bottom as he spanked. She turned and looked at Ms. Trelawny. The woman licked her lips and set down her cup, but never took her eyes from Lisa’s naked rear end. A hot blush of shame rushed up Lisa’s neck and she buried her face in her hands.

The sting of a dozen slaps turned to a heat that spread from her buttocks into her belly. A spark glimmered and glowed between her legs when his large, strong hand remained for an extra second on the plump, smooth under-curve of her cheeks. He resumed the spanking and her hips bounced to the rhythm he set. After two dozen hard swats, he rested his hand on her shuddery bottom. Lisa sobbed and crossed her ankles. Her big toe grazed the brocaded cushion and she winced.

“Lisa, I hope you will take this reminder in the spirit intended,” he said. “I do the best I can by all my employees, and I expect the same in return. Your curiosity has caused me a great deal of trouble today and I don’t expect any repetition in future. Is that clear?”

He patted her hot, rosy behind. She nodded and reached back to rub. Their fingers touched and a thrill shot through her arm.

“Yes. Sir,” she said.

“Very well. I have not had to correct you in some time now, but possibly that was a mistake. Your conduct today indicates a lack of focus and discipline.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll do better. Can I get up now?”

“When I have finished. There still is the matter of your language. You know I worked with your father on many occasions, and although his profession puts him in constant contact with the roughest sort of individuals, I never have heard him utter the sort of language I heard from you just now. Do you think he would approve of your outburst?”

“No, sir,” she said.

Her bottom itched with prickly heat that she longed to rub away, but she sucked the knuckle of her thumb and lay still.

“Did he ever use such language in your presence?”

“No, sir.”

“Did you ever do so in his presence?”

“I … I just …. Yes, sir.”

“And what was his response?”

“He … he spanked me,” she whispered. A hot tear slid down the side of her nose.

“Yes, and I dare say he made a good job of it. But I believe it is high time the lesson was repeated. You are older now and should know better.”

He grasped her ribs and raised his arm. Lisa clutched the sofa cushion with both hands and ground her pelvis into his thigh as he slapped her bottom hard, much harder than the first time, and as hard as he ever had spanked her. She shrieked and wept as he spread new fire across her hot cheeks. Her knees jerked and the sensible shoes flailed as pain mounted in her buttocks. China clinked when Ms. Trelawny picked up her coffee. The woman’s hand shook as she sipped. Lisa looked into her light brown eyes through a blur of tears. Ms. Trelawny blinked twice and twisted up the corners of her mouth.

Lisa shut her eyes and sobbed as she bounced on Mr. Swayne’s lap. She scissored her legs while her bottom burned. He smacked six times across the tender crease where thigh becomes buttock and Lisa wailed. A drop of moisture squeezed between her lower lips and wetted his trousers. She squealed as lightening bolts shot through her vagina. Her knees jerked and she arched her back to offer up her bottom. His fingertips stung inside her anal cleft and the glow between her legs flashed incandescent. With a screech, Lisa shuddered to a small, painful orgasm. She collapsed over his knee and Mr. Swayne caressed her bottom. White noise fuzzed in her ears. She panted and twisted her ankles while she wiped her face with her sleeve.

“I know this lesson will not have to be repeated, Lisa,” he said. “You have been punished for your poor behavior, so that is the end of the matter.”

Stiff petticoats rustled and scratched her sore behind as he flipped Lisa’s skirts down and lifted her off his lap. She sat beside him and stared at the carpet. Her bottom burned and her face steamed. He stood, then bent to cup her wet chin with a warm palm. Fresh tears flooded her eyes as she met his gaze.


  1. Simply classic.

    Folks–if you haven’t read this book, it is highly recommended, a sizzlingly hot read.


  2. Thanks, Dave! Sorry for the delayed response, but I didn’t realize one could post comments here. Anyway, as always, your kind words most appreciated.


  3. MANY thanks, Gaspar! Very happy you like what you see, and I look forward to hearing your further reactions.

    Thanks again!


  4. Wow! What a story! I am ordering the book today. I will write a review on my blog when I get it.


  5. Thank you, Carly! Very kind of you to say, and I can’t wait to read your review.

    And also, Carly, THANKS for the nice pix of your naughty bottom that you posted to your site. I just saw them, and they’re quite delightful.

    Guys, if you forgot, Carly’s blog is Brambleberry Blush. It’s in the Blogroll so go there NOW. *G*


  6. Dev, just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ve bought all your books, twice! :)
    Paperback and Kindle, great bedtime reading, thoroughly enjoyable, five ***** in their class. :D

  7. Paul, I am so pleased you like them. Such praise keeps me going. :-)

  8. Judy

    I am happy to have found your blog, which combines two of my favorite things – spanking and clever writing. I may never leave.

  9. dd

    It took me lomg enough to work it out! Duh…

    Now, maybe, Scarlet can’t complain, I turn up late then disappear…mind you with restored bedtime and other commitments, I’ll probably not be much better :)

  10. What on earth are you doing on this thread, dd? Did you get lost?

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