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Psychological Breakthrough!

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in bare bottom spanking, Chross | 42 comments

We don’t pay enough attention to the wisdom of the ancients. Here, in this rare black and white photo from Stare magazine, c. 1966, we find a sure cure for whatever ails a girl. How the psychological community overlooks this quick and effective panacea for mental distress of all sorts is beyond me. I suspect, however, that these practitioners make more money with long, drawn-out talk therapy sessions and, of course, kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies. Not that I’m cynical or anything. That is all. Devlin...

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Spanking Romance Reviews Best Of Contest Results

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Chross, Devlin O'Neill's books | 171 comments

The readers have voted and the results are in! (Click the underlined bit to go to the source) Best Overall Spanking Romance: Under a Duke’s Hand by Annabel Joseph Best Sweet Spanking Romance: Leading her Home: Nick’s Lessons Book 2 by Ashlynn Kenzie  Best Erotic Spanking Romance: The Don’s Daughter by Renee Rose Best Ménage: Sharing Silver by Tabitha Black Best Spanking Romance Comedy: The Extravengers by Devlin O’Neill  Best Victorian Spanking Romance: His Willful Bride by Maggie Carpenter Best Historical Western: Wild Wisteria by Maddie Taylor Best Contemporary Western: When a Cowboy Loves a Woman by Maggie Carpenter Best Medieval Spanking Romance: Medieval Discipline by Renee Rose Best Historical Not in a Named Time Period: Switched in Time by Breanna Hayse Best Contemporary Spanking Romance: A Wilder Heart by Loki Renard Best Paranormal Romance: The Warrior and the Mischievous Witch by Maggie Carpenter Best Sci-Fi: A Short Leash by Loki Renard Best Ageplay: Her Hollywood Daddy by Renee Rose Best Dark Spanking Romance: Deviant by Natasha Knight Best BDSM Romance: Owning O by Maren Smith Best Medical BDSM Romance: Her Doctor in Charge by Maggie Carpenter Best Spanking Romance Series: Cassie’s Space by PK Corey Best Spanking Romance Anthology: Confessions of a Spanking Author by Various Both Ashlynn and I were in this one.  Best Spanking Romance Box Set: When the Gavel Falls by Maren Smith, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Maggie Ryan, Renee Rose Best New Spanking Romance Author: Ashlynn Kenzie Best Spanking Romance Author: TIE between Devlin O’Neill and Renee Rose    Best Non-Con Scene: Captive Mine by Natasha Knight and Trent Evans Best Cover Art: Ripple in Still Water by Devlin O’Neill  I can take absolutely no credit for this work, other than inspiring the very inspirable artist at Blushing Books to put exactly everything that was needed on the outside of the book. Franny found the coin, but the artist found not only the coin, but Franny’s essence and put it on the outside of the book. Thank you so much, Blushing artist.  Best Book Boyfriend: Prince Eric (The Prince’s Little Mate by Meredith O’Reilly) Best Heroine: TIE between Franny from Ripple in Still Water by Devlin O’Neill and Neely from Alta Hensley’s Traditional Love    Best Ending: Realizing Her Dream by Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane Best Action Sequence: Deviant by Natasha Knight Best Couple: Andie and Nick (Lessons From Nick’s Firm Hand by Ashlynn Kenzie) Best Minor Character: Jake (Wanting it All by Livia Grant) Best Bad Guy: Jake (The Passion Series by Livia Grant) Favorite Quote: “Because I love you and because I said so.” Ripple in Still Water – Devlin O’Neill  Everyone who visits here knows that everything I publish is a group effort. This is Devlin’s Village, and we, by golly, scored a big one today, you dang betcha! On behalf of Ashlynn and me, many, many thanks to all our friends, fans, and supporters. And a special nod to DJ Black at  Voice In The Corner for sending folks our way during the voting, Thanks, buddy! Not only that, but tomorrow I’m publishing a new one! It doesn’t get any better. So this isn’t nearly all, but all for now, Devlin and Ashlynn out. Oh, wait — Because I love you and because I said so. That’s why.     ...

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It’s Gretchen Gröndhugg Day!

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in caning, Chross | 26 comments

Meet Gretchen Gröndhugg. By longstanding tradition – one made up by the guy in charge of her – if Gretchen goes outside and sees her shadow on the second of February, she gets an over-the-lap hand spanking for her morning wake-up. If not, it’s the best of a dozen with the cane on her bare bottom. Poor Gretchen. It was so foggy out this morning, she could barely see the sidewalk at her feet, never mind her shadow. Happy Gröndhugg Day, everyone! That is all. Devlin...

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Time To Vote For The Best!

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Chross, Literary riff | 15 comments

All righty, boys and girls, some of my books and characters, along with some of Ashlynn Kenzie’s, have been nominated for this award. The Spanking Romance Reviews website has published its 2015 nominee list for the best in a whole bunch of categories to do with This Thing We Do. It’s a really long list, so be sure to click on the light colored column so you can scroll down and find all the categories and nominees. Ashlynn shows up in the first two categories three times with her Nick’s Lessons books, but I don’t appear until Romantic Spanking Comedy, for The Extravengers. Still, keep going, because Feyrie Song and Ripple In Still Water show up farther down. Not that I’m urging you to vote for me and Ashlynn because you know us. Well, yes, I am totally urging you to do exactly that, especially in the last category, Best Quotes. Does that line from Ripple say exactly what This Thing We Do is all about, or what? Here is the link – http://spankingromance.com/best-spanking-romance-of-2015/ – or click the highlighted name of the site above. And thanks! That is all. Devlin...

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Holey Paddle of Life! It’s Christmas Eve!

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Chross, Spanking Naughty Girls | 25 comments

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Holey Paddle of Life. The famed and fabled implement that for so long everyone thought was a mere figment of my overactive imagination is here and just waiting to make contact with naughty girls’ bottoms.   Here is a better shot of it, and before you accuse me of jumping the gun, present opening wise, I will tell you that it came unwrapped in a box of other, wrapped, presents, because its maker wanted my opinion straight away. This is not a commercially available implement, and its designer and fabricator spent quite a while on the phone with me discussing the matter. This is not his usual gig, making implements. In fact, he is in the health care business, which means, of course, that he is well aware of the therapeutic value to any young woman of a well-warmed situpon. And, indeed, this is one well-warming implement. I have yet to use it for its intended purpose, but I tried a couple of medium swats on my thigh. Even through Wrangler denim, I could still feel it twenty minutes later. Just FYI, he made a similar but shorter version for his own use. His Significant Other assures me that it is quite effective. Well, her exact term was evil, but girls are prone to hyperbole where their sore bottoms are concerned.   Here is a wooden HPoL in use on a film set. The faint blush on her left cheek is from a single swat earlier. This is the after image. Lupus and Company tend to overdo it when it comes to heating their starlets’ backsides, but you can plainly see that this is not your everyday spanking tool. It will, though, come in handy for repeated or excessive naughtiness, such as prolonged sulking, contentiousness, extremely bad language, or other behavior that simply won’t respond to my usual arsenal of bum brighteners. So here, on this merry Christmas Eve, I take pride in introducing the Tantrum Tamer™! Now not available in any store, or anywhere else, except my place. So if you want to experience this marvel of modern craftsmanship on your own naughty behind, give me a buzz and we’ll get together. All for now. Devlin...

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Free Devlin Book for Christmas!

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Chross, Devlin O'Neill's books | 10 comments

Starting Monday, December 21, Little Red Riding Drawers is free on Amazon! This is one of my most highly rated books, and it has also been adapted to audio. More on that in a moment. Riding Drawers is the very first tale of Neverwasnia. At the time I wrote this (published March 2013) I had been immersed for quite some time in Terry Pratchett’s Disc World, so I knew that not only was anything possible when writing, it was always a bit possibler with a touch of magic. Since then I have written several other books also set in Neverwasnia, with more on the way. I like the place. But back to Riding Drawers–since I always think of Christmas as a magical time of year, I wanted to offer this bit of my own made up magic to you for nothing. Just click the cover to go right to your free Kindle copy, available from December 21 to December 25. But earlier I said I would talk more about the audio, so here goes. Although I can’t give the audio version away, you can hear me read the book to you on Audible audio. Well, you can hear Kaylee Bennet and me read it to you. She definitely sounds more like Deepa Pryor-Nodiss than I ever did, and she adds a lot to the narrative. Click on this jewel case-size audio cover to buy this one. And by all means, have a listen to the audio sample there at Amazon. So if you don’t already have one or both of these magical goodies in a file somewhere, now is an ideal time to remedy that deficit. The grown up child in you, or the grown up child you give it to, will appreciate it. That is all. Devlin...

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Free Stories for Christmas from Blushing Books

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Chross, Guest post | 21 comments

Book twelve of Blushing’s 12 Days of Christmas. This story is now free for the taking, so go over there and take it. Just click the cover below to get the book, and enjoy!   Yes, indeed, my dears, just in time for curling up by the fire with a good read, Blushing Books is giving away a story a day for twelve days, starting Sunday, December 6 – or 6 December for our British friends. The deal is that when each Christmas-themed story appears on Blushing, it’s free to everyone all that day. At the end of the twelve days, they will put all the stories into a boxed set that will be for sale, as usual. And, as you see above, Ashlynn made a contribution to this project, which will appear on December 14 December – ha! So make a note to check Blushing every day for your freebie, but put a big red star on the 14th to find out how Mark deals with Keryn’s Christmastime peccadillos. I’ll bet you have a pretty good guess already. Here, then, a bit of preview for you. Enjoy! Wrapping Up Christmas by Ashlynn Kenzie Keryn has a problem; it’s a habit she’s engaged in all her life. It’s one she sees no need to change. Mark has a problem; it’s one he discovers when his new sister-in-law reveals his wife’s disturbing holiday tendencies. It’s one he is determined to alter. The newlywed Lindells approach their first Christmas together with excitement, but also with a certain amount of trepidation. When Keryn indulges herself in her usual pre-holiday behavior, she emerges from the experience not only puzzled at what she discovers, but agitated about what it all means. Mark, for his part, is determined to teach his beloved bride a lesson about how to be a gracious receiver in the holiday season, even if it costs her a few ouchy moments and some remorseful tears. It won’t be the way the Lindells planned to celebrate their first Christmas, but it will be the way they establish rules that will guide them not only in future celebrations, but in every other aspect of their relationship. Heads up for readers: The solution for the Top comes from having a Bottom up. Merry Christmas! Excerpt: Keryn dropped her head, staring at the hands knotted in her lap. Then she slowly reached for the hairbrush and held it out to him. Mark shifted slightly on the couch, his throat suddenly dry and his heart beating fast. He prayed he was doing the right thing. “Come here, baby,” he said quietly and she looked deeply into his eyes, saw the love there, and placed herself carefully over his lap. He saw the muscles in her thighs tighten when he pulled up her nightgown and pooled it at the small of her back. “You didn’t say it was going to be like this,” she protested. “No, I didn’t. But there are three reasons for a bare-bottom spanking, Keryn. First of all, it really does hurt a little more when there’s nothing between you and the smacks. Second, it adds to the embarrassment, just as being over my lap probably does. But, most important from a safety standpoint, it lets me know exactly where I need to put...

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Loopy Spanking

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in bare bottom spanking, caning, Chross | 28 comments

Just for attribution, the picture above appeared on this past weekend’s Chross list under the title “And now, dinner,” and with the tumblr tag flykatel. I find the shot a real eye-grabber for at least three reasons. First, of course, is her really nice tush. So firm, so round, so fully packed. Then there are her lips. Seeing only that much of her face really brings them into focus, and, quite frankly, those are exactly the sort of lips that invite long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days. I could die kissing this girl and not even notice. Last, but certainly not least, is the lovely, and no doubt stingingly inflicted, artistry that is so very evident across her delightful bottom. The designs are almost hieroglyphic, with the feel of sharp ouch communicated symbolically outward as well as inward. Click on the photo for the full-size image and a better look at her marks. My first thought was, where did this girl’s spanker get such a wonderful toy? This is the Wonder Loop rattan cane from our friends at Cane-iac. I love their toys. Here is their loop with a twist – seriously ouch-making, if I’m any judge of devices that impart ouch to girls’ bottoms. And I am. Here is lucky Jessica experiencing just such a loopy cane. Apparently I was not mistaken as to its efficacy, if her facial expression is any clue. However, you will note that the marks don’t quite fit the other pattern. In this closeup, you can see how far apart the marks are compared with those in the first picture, even with an apparently smaller loop in the rattan than the photo just above. So I have to think we’re looking for something more like this. I have no idea what kind of cord that is, and whoever is using it went a quantum leap further in the effort than I’m really looking for in my own endeavors. Unless she’s really, really naughty, of course. So I know now what sort of implement induced such artistry as appears in the first photo, although this cord appears to be more pervertable than actual implement. I expect a visit to Home Depot is in order. That is all. Devlin...

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The Paddle Post!

Posted by on Nov 27, 2015 in bare bottom spanking, Chross, paddled at school | 14 comments

I know, right? Not at all what you expected to find on this blog. Our friend PA certainly was not expecting this, either, when she walked by a news stand the other day. Startled as she was, she alertly grabbed a photo and sent it to me. This, though, is what the publishers of this paper out of Ely, Minnesota, are on about. It’s the land of 10,000 lakes and probably that many rivers and creeks, as well, but it’s very close to Duluth, where I spent about ten years one winter. This paper was recently published, so you have to believe it’s wishful thinking for the moment, because, trust me, even if the ice hasn’t covered everything up there you can canoe in yet, it will by next week. So we will think warmer thoughts about a much warmer-making sort of paddle, altogether. This lucky girl gets to contemplate the bright, smooth texture of the implement that, by all indications, has just been or shortly will be used on her bare sit-upon. Like this. Yes, cold is the last thing this naughty young lady is feeling at the moment, though there could be a bag of frozen peas in her immediate future from the looks of that blister on her right cheek. This girl won Miss Positive Attitude at her last Campfire Girls Jamboree. Even her trepidation seems positive, doesn’t it? Now this is real trepidation, and it appears the operation has only just begun. And here is Miss Positive Attitude again. Her upper cheeks are a bit flushed, to match the ones she’s sitting on, no doubt, and showing off the signatures of people who helped break in her new paddle. Of course, paddles have not always been used so intelligently or effectively as they are now. One really has to wonder what producers of spanking pictures were thinking back then. It appears there was an entire epoch where people could not be trusted with paddles of any sort near a bare behind. Well, okay, wait a sec. This couple may be the exception that proves the rule. This guy has form, and that is one serious-business homemade paddle. Nice grip, fella, and Sarah looks like she’s right on board (!) with the procedure. For a staged still-shoot, these are really good, so, paddle lovers everywhere, take heart! And make sure the girl or girls in your life ALWAYS get assignments finished on time. Or else. That is all. Devlin out.  ...

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Je Suis Paris!

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Chross, vanilla post | 36 comments

  I am Paris. Tonight, the civilized world is Paris. Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Vive la France!

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“Don’t Roll Your Eyes at ME, Young Lady!” Top Taglines

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in bare bottom spanking, Chross, Spanking Naughty Girls | 25 comments

Princess Anastasia is right: every Top has his or her own way of doing This Thing, a preferred modus operandi, if you will. Likewise, every girl has her litany of protestation and claims of contrition. But I will contend that, just as they wring certain phrases out of their girls, our guys seem to have a series of bon mots they just can’t wait to intone. Tell me, girls, how many of you have heard this from that man in charge of you? • “Whose bottom is this?” (the answer is not “Mine,” girls.) • “Don’t you (roll your eyes, stick your tongue out, pout) at me, little girl!” • “You will do as I say, not as I do.” • “Do you understand me, missy?” • “Look at me.” • “What did I just tell you to do?” • “What happens to girls who . . . “ Once we have failed to respond correctly to the aforementioned statements, or even if we succeed (let’s be honest), we can be assured that we will here at least one of these little humdingers: • “I am going to count to three, and you had better do what I say.” • “That’s it!” • “Go to your corner.” (notice how it’s always YOUR corner) • “Move your hands.” • “Hmm? It hurts? Good, it’s supposed to hurt. It’s a spanking.” • “Do you make the rules? • “I decide what you are spanked with, because I am in charge.” • “Do you think you can mind me now?” • “I’d better not catch you doing that again or this spanking is going to seem like a friendly little love pat.” Now, we get to some of my favorite Top utterences: • “Shh, it’s all over.” • “Did I find my good girl in there?” • “You are my good little girl.” And, maybe my all-time favorite: • “It’s all right now.” Of course, if we are really contrite and all the other factors fall into place, at this point he probably won’t be able to speak at all....

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Broomsticks Are Not For The Untrained, Girls

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in bottom switching, Chross | 20 comments

Yes, young lady, you’ve got your double-double-boil-and-bubble cauldron, your fire, your locally grown herbs, tinctures, and simples simmering away within the clay, the steam from the potion wafting toward your ad hoc sky riding staff. AND you have the hat you borrowed from Great-great-aunt Phantonia’s cupboard when she wasn’t looking.  You’re a real sourcerer now, aren’t you?  Even though everything you know about being one, you learned from the internet and from Uncle Dev’s book about sourcerers. But, really, isn’t that enough? After all, it’s Samhain tonight, one of the most auspicious holidays in the Celtic calendar, and you’re naked, just like it says in the articles on line. What could possibly go wrong? Wait! No! It can’t be! You wanted to ride that broomstick, didn’t you, sweetheart? But instead, it is telling you that you have no business playing about with powers you cannot comprehend, and in a language that you know. Uncle Dev taught you to understand this kind of language, didn’t he? Even as these awful, nasty, broomy switches are swatting your bottom, you’re thinking that this feels awfully familiar. But at the same time, you’re wondering, how in the world did I let myself in for this kind of treatment? Could this be one of those times when I acted without thinking everything through, just like Uncle Dev always told me not to do? Have I not considered all the unintended consequences of my behavior? Could all those erudite articles I found on the internet about motivating a broomstick possibly be erroneous? And will this flapping whisk broom ever stop smacking my bum with those dracking birch twigs, for crying out loud? Who makes broom bristles out of birch twigs, anyway? I’m sorry I ever got into this sourcery stuff to begin with! Leave off, dear guardess, leave off! Yes, I’ll bet you are sorry now, young lady. This is no way to spend Samhain, is it? But you did say sorry, and it seems the guardess has forgiven you your effrontery in trying to be something you never have been properly trained to be. Once your bottom has cooled a bit – isn’t cold water just the best thing for a sorely spanked bum? – you should put on that lovely princess costume and go to the masked ball. Now that you’re on better terms with the guardess, perhaps she will see fit to send you a prince who will dance the night away with you. Happy Samhain, everyone! That is all. Devlin out....

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